Asia's Most Practical Vehicle Lightweighting Congress

Every year, the global automotive industry is pioneering new lightweight materials and vehicle architectures that were previously commercially unthinkable. Using ground breaking, multi-material joining and forming technology, commercially focused implementation strategies and advanced materials including ultra high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and composites, certain OEMs from the US, Europe and Asia are rapidly driving the industry forward into a fuel efficient, reduced-CO2 future.

With increasing focus across Asia this year on fuel efficient vehicles, GALM Asia keeps driving GALM legacy forward - ensuring that the practical lessons are shared, transferred and applied across the industry to make sure every OEM in Asia can conform with the regulations and deliver low cost, CO2 emission-compliant vehicles on a global scale.


The 3rd Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Asia 2016, Shanghai, has been designed specifically:

  • To help Asian OEMs practically determine which new materials are functionally useable in lightweight fuel efficient vehicles
  • To help Asian OEMs to minimise the cost impact of applying new materials in multi material architectures
  • To help Asian OEMs practically determine which new manufacturing techniques, processes, machinery and software are worth investing in
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